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If you prefer self-study courses rather than being part of a community, such as ADDventures in Achievement, then this is the site for you.  A medley of course topics is being added regularly, to supplement whatever personal growth work you are already doing - whether solo or with a therapist or coach.  Upcoming topics include Communication, Organizing, Prioritizing, Task Completion, In Your Mind's Eye, Self-Care, Procrastination, Managing Yourself In Time, Meaning-Maker, Focus, Mindfulness, Relationships, Keeping Your Word, WINS, Committments, Follow Through, Perfection and more.  

Be sure to check out the innovative membership program if you want access to this information more quickly than an upcoming course or feel the need for more connection than self-study.

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Stop The Needless Suffering!


You deserve to know some of the best-kept secrets right away.  This is not commonly known information.

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The Magical Power Of WINS

$27.00 USD

I released The Magical Power of WINS first, because it's about learning two important things - to notice and to celeb...

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Change Your Life in 72 Hours or Less!

$37.00 USD

If you don’t celebrate the little things, it’s like you are saying to your SELF...   “What yo...

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"Thank you Dr B for your leadership by example, which very much includes being a real human being (not some "perfect" fake). You are the Wizard in Oz and you willingly pull the curtain aside to show us what the work really looks like. I am inspired and honored by your strength in being vulnerably authentic."


"If you're looking for practical, hands-on tools to achieve your life's goals or just clean off your desk, Dr B will push you to think hard about your goals, what's stopping you from fulfilling them and to create and carry out an effective plan of action. She's also big on accountability and progress and will celebrate your successes with you."


"You offer a unique view and emotional insight to our ADD community. You are a doctor who not only treats, but also you share and understand on a personal level. You provide an example of a successful/accomplished person living/thriving with ADD. We trust your guidance. You offer a safe environment to share. We are a dedicated group of ADD adults who support one another. We "get" each other (and our successes and struggles) in a way that others don't."