Dr B

Dr. B and PinkDr B is an innovative and passionate adult ADHD expert with decades of experience as a psychotherapist, coach, speaker, researcher, NLP and hypnotherapy practitioner, and author, whose sole mission is to help you get to where you want to go.  The gorgeous creme colored golden retriever is "Pink", Dr B's canine companion and is a working therapy dog.

As in the movie, "Music Within", Dr B doesn't want to die with her music still inside -- and neither should anyone else.  She wants to be all used up when her time comes, with her time well spent.  This is what drove her to bring her programs to fruition.  Dr B firmly believes that adults with ADHD should never have to be on this journey alone; no one should be for that matter, whether they have ADHD or not.  No human being should be left behind!

Dr B has taken what she's been teaching in person over the years, and created online courses and programs so that more ADHD adults are able to more fully come to life.  She wants to make sure that everyone who wants the opportunity to transform their mistaken identity as a "dis-abled" (not able) adult gets to.  She wants you to have the life you envision in those quiet moments when you "wish" or "dream" of something better.

We all deserve a place in this world.  We should all be seen and accepted for who we are; our gifts, our limitations and everything in-between.  Peace in the world begins with peace inside each of us.  Hence, Dr B helps you focus on what you stand for each day, and to create a loving relationship with your SELF.  A key component of this program is creating and finding pathways that will lead you to achieve your life's most important goals and priorities.

Stigma dies out slowly over time, so there may still be those who choose to view you as "dis-abled;" (not able.)  However, you can choose to learn to live as the "super-powered" person you are.

Dr B's Journey

Dr. B has always sought ways to make a positive, significant difference in the lives of others.

As a volunteer in the teens' ward at Camarillo State Mental Hospital -- where patients were mainly hospitalized for behavioral problems and appeared over-sedated -- Dr. B. wondered if any teens there had ADHD. It reminded her of the movie Snake Pit (filmed there) where anyone viewed as problematic was cast aside into the mental illness pit.

As a home seamstress, Dr. B's mom taught her to sew at age 10. Following a sizable layoff in the construction company she worked for, Dr. B opened Sunshine Stitchery, where she created custom garments from unique fabrics and offered renovations for outdated pieces.

After realizing a missing component in weight loss programs, she launched her own enterprise, Potentially Yours, teaching courses that focused on maintenance first and used the valuable tool of self-hypnosis.

She recruited ADHD specialists from within the local community as speakers while serving as volunteer Coordinator for the San Fernando Valley CHADD Chapter. She met community support needs by facilitating both parents of kids with ADHD and adult ADHD support groups.

Dr B founded the Center for Healing the Human Spirit as an inner and outer space for healing.

She created The ADHD Coaching Company in order to have a farther reach by using a coaching model, in addition to therapy.

Dr B established the Center's Research Lab to participate in two international research studies, meeting the needs of two distinct populations: adults with severe major depression, iSPOT-D and children and teens with ADHD, iSPOT-A. These two medication studies were conducted to establish the response patterns of commonly prescribed, FDA-approved, antidepressants and stimulant medications, respectively for iSPOT-D and iSPOT-A.

As the ADHD LA meetup organizer, she leads a vibrant ADHD support group "family" that has helped transform and even save lives. Every meeting begins with "WINS" or victories for the week. One formerly suicidal group member wrote of this practice: "What I found that first evening saved my life and changed me forever." Dr. B listens and leans into the needs of members so that we learn from each other in the trenches.

Dr B is the Visionary Founder of ADDventures In Achievement, a Membership Program for Bright, Creative Adults With Focus, Follow Through, Self-Management and Executive Function Challenges.   She conceived of this to be the first online program in the country that offers long-term instruction geared toward addressing both deeper issues and primary symptoms that adults with ADHD and executive function challenges face daily. Adults learn to recognize and use strengths and gifts, compensate for or strengthen weak areas and create tailor-made tools for ongoing success.

Professional Associations

Dr. B maintains her connections with our community through membership in these organizations.

California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT)

SFV California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (SFV CAMFT)

Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD)

Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA)

ADD Coaching Academy (ADDCA)

American Coaching Association (ACA)

ADDvance - information about women and girls with ADHD


A fantastic group of hardworking adults determined to improve the quality of their respective lives. I am proud to show up each week and share my experience, strength and hope, and hear theirs as we make our way forward to a more effective, happier, more joy-filled and peaceful way of living.

“The path of personal change is paved in courage, and we are all most definitely courageous men and women." ~Dr B

In our community, everyone matters! What you say and do matters! Your word to your SELF matters! You have been born with a gift that is uniquely yours, waiting to be expressed for the greater good and benefit of all. You are an Expression of Brilliance in training – a Diamond!

Spearheaded by Dr. B, we launched our quarterly member driven newsletter, ADDult News, in February 2015 and our community service to group members, ADD Squad, in June 2015. Congrats to us all!

To learn more about our group, see ADHD LA. If you’re local to us, consider becoming a member of our meetup group and joining our WINning ADHD family for 2x/month, in person meetings.