Change Your Life in 72 Hours or Less!

If you don’t celebrate the little things, it’s like you are saying to your SELF...  

“What you did doesn’t matter. It was such a little thing; an insignificant thing.  Certainly no big deal worth celebrating or acknowledging.”

If you talk to your SELF like that long enough, you might even stop trying.  Why would you continue to do anything for yourself, if there’s no praise and celebration along the way?  I wouldn’t and didn’t.  I doubt that you would either.

You’ve got to reward yourself for going into action, moving in the right direction, taking baby steps, and getting somewhere closer to your goal than when you started; that’s called shaping behavior.

In this course, you will learn to stop needless suffering in your life.  Pain is part of life; suffering is definitely optional!  You will learn to see through different eyes; ones that notice the little things that are going right and celebrate them!  

And, you will gain the benefits of celebrating!!  These benefits include living with less stress, feeling lighter, and looking forward to the days and WINS ahead.  

All the little things do add up to bigger things over time; it’s just how life is.  Little things matter, so notice and celebrate!!!

The jumpstart to shifting your mindset is to engage the power of WINS; so that's where we start. 

Lay the foundation for making it through the tough times, and celebrating the easier ones by changing your mindset.  When you notice and celebrate what’s going right in your life, and what’s going right with YOU, you can Change Your Life In 72 Hours Or Less!

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