The Magical Power Of WINS

I released The Magical Power of WINS first, because it's about learning two important things - to notice and to celebrate what is already happening in your life.  

Do you notice all of the little good things that happen all around you day in and day out? Do you get all excited about them and celebrate, or do you just notice and move on?  

What about the negative or hurtful things that happen?  Do you dwell on them and relive them in your mind, day after day?

If you continuously weigh in on the negative stuff and hardly notice the positive little things, you are missing out on so many opportunities to put a smile on your face or lift your spirits.  Or even shift your mindset so radically that it could pull you back from the edge, as this concept of WINS did for someone whose story is shared inside.

All the little things do add up to bigger things over time; it’s just how life is. Positive or negative, little things matter, so notice and celebrate what's good!!!

What you focus on grows!