Scoring a Fit and Integrated Mind and Body

mind and body Dec 01, 2000

The score is 9 to 1 and your unconscious mind is leading. And who else is better equipped for the job, since your unconscious mind stores everything you’ve ever experienced.

It is no longer enough to just train your body and ask it for excellence. Without the cooperation of your mind, especially your unconscious mind, you may run into challenges on the inner playing field that threaten your success.

Your unconscious mind is a team player with your conscious mind and wants to deliver the goods. However, old limiting beliefs, an outdated sense of identity or self-image can and often will limit the achievement of excellence.

So, what’s an athlete to do? Well, success does leave a trail of clues as do the challenges you are facing. By following that trail, in a specific manner, to the very core of the issue, you can overcome whatever is limiting your success. By unraveling the conflict or limitation, and offering a new belief, strategy, sense of identity or resource to your...

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