The Procrastination-Perfectionism Loop

Everything has a crack in it. Life as a whole is perfectly imperfect; art, books, bodies, relationships all perfectly imperfect. The sooner we get that lesson, the sooner we can get on with the opportunities that life presents us every day.

And so, the Procrastination-Perfectionism Loop. We encounter a life situation, our intention may be to follow through, and we face a choice: keep our word to ourselves or choose again. Many choose again and don’t follow through. The reasons vary yet the outcome is often the same.

We all have the ability to respond to the situations of our life. The catch is, not perfectly and so we procrastinate.

We may not like how we can respond or what our response will have to be, but we can respond to the calling of something that needs our response. It is our Response-Ability.

In her upcoming Webinar and companion Course, Dr. B goes even deeper into Breaking Free of Your Procrastination-Perfectionism Loop!  To be notified of release, please...

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If and When

Written by Catherine Pulsifer

IF and WHEN were friends. Every week they met and had lunch. Their conversation usually centered on all the things they were going to achieve. They both had many dreams and they loved to talk about them.

This particular Saturday when they met, WHEN sensed that IF was not in a great mood. As usual they sat at the table reserved for them and ordered their lunch. Once they placed their order, WHEN questioned IF. “IF what is wrong with you? You don’t seem your usual cheery self?”

IF looked at WHEN and replied, “I’m not sure, I just don’t feel like I am making any progress. This last week I saw a course I wanted to take if only I had the time to take it.”

WHEN knew exactly how IF felt. “Yeah, ” replied WHEN, “I too saw a course and I am going to register when I get enough money together.” WHEN then said, “well what about that new job you were going to apply for. You were so excited about...

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