NLP: Up To New Good In The World

neuro-linguistics Jun 10, 2000

Many people have never heard of Neuro-Linguistic Programming at all, and for those who have heard of NLP, they may not have a full understanding of the positive impact it can have in their life, both personally and professionally.

Beginning with the very basics, “Neuro” refers to neurology; how the brain works. There are consistent detectable patterns in the way each of us processes our thoughts. “Linguistic” refers to language. We are always communicating through verbal and non-verbal expressions of our thinking patterns. “Programming” refers to the changes that we each can make once we recognize and understand our patterns.

NLP began in the early 1970’s when John Grinder, a linguistics professor and Richard Bandler, a mathematics and psychology student raised the question: “what is the difference that makes the difference between someone who is merely competent and someone who excels at a specific skill?” This led to their...

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