Time Waits For No One

time Jul 01, 2016

“Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend.” ~Theophrastus

86,400 seconds are yours each day. Are your values and priorities reflected in how you spend your time or has your choice been forfeited based on a decision you did or didn’t make in the past?

Time comes with its own pace. You don’t manage time; time takes care of itself. However, you are given the opportunity to manage yourself within time. You can allocate your time being reactive to life circumstances or pro-active with your life opportunities, the choice is yours.

Time is indifferent to how you relate to it or use it. It’s not personal. It can pass you by or be on your side; the choice again is yours.

Time will be spent whether you intentionally spend it or not. Your 86,400 seconds will run out at the end of each day and renew itself with the arrival of the next day. The moments in between are gifted to you to make the most of them or let them expire.

I prioritize thinking about what...

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