Sexuality and ADHD

attention sexuality May 30, 2002

As Director of the Center for Healing the Human Spirit, I have integrated a variety of methods into my practice for working with clients on issues of communication, sexuality and ADHD, to enhance the quality of their lives. I offer you the following…

The portrayal of so-called “appropriate sexual behavior”, according to certain magazine articles, movies or TV, is that the sexual urge is always there, it’s lusty, people are ripping off their clothes and ready to go at a moment’s notice, there are extended sexual and/or sensual sessions with great satisfaction for everyone and…… complete attention focused on one’s partner. If you are measuring your relationship by this kind of experience, you might be feeling that you or your partner are inadequate, because your sexual urge is very different. It begins in your mind and emotions first, rather than in your body.

According to the theories of sexuality at one of the hypnotherapy schools I...

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Sexuality for Women with ADHD - Chapter 21 in Understanding Women with ADHD

attention sexuality women Feb 01, 2002

Chapter 21, “Sexuality for Women with AD/HD” “Sexuality is often confused and conflicted for contemporary women. Rather than feeling comfortable with their own natural sexuality, they are influenced by strong and often contradictory messages from the media and from society about female sexuality. If a woman today is also challenged by AD/HD, her sexual experience might be further complicated by patterns of inattentiveness, hyperfocusing, impulsivity, and/or hyperactivity. This chapter will present the effects of broader societal issues on female sexuality, as well as the impact AD/HD has on female sexuality….”

For the complete content of this chapter, see "Understanding Women with AD/HD", Kathleen G. Nadeau, Ph.D and Patrician O. Quinn, M.D., Editors, Advantage Books, 2002.

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Scoring a Fit and Integrated Mind and Body

mind and body Dec 01, 2000

The score is 9 to 1 and your unconscious mind is leading. And who else is better equipped for the job, since your unconscious mind stores everything you’ve ever experienced.

It is no longer enough to just train your body and ask it for excellence. Without the cooperation of your mind, especially your unconscious mind, you may run into challenges on the inner playing field that threaten your success.

Your unconscious mind is a team player with your conscious mind and wants to deliver the goods. However, old limiting beliefs, an outdated sense of identity or self-image can and often will limit the achievement of excellence.

So, what’s an athlete to do? Well, success does leave a trail of clues as do the challenges you are facing. By following that trail, in a specific manner, to the very core of the issue, you can overcome whatever is limiting your success. By unraveling the conflict or limitation, and offering a new belief, strategy, sense of identity or resource to your...

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NLP: Up To New Good In The World

neuro-linguistics Jun 10, 2000

Many people have never heard of Neuro-Linguistic Programming at all, and for those who have heard of NLP, they may not have a full understanding of the positive impact it can have in their life, both personally and professionally.

Beginning with the very basics, “Neuro” refers to neurology; how the brain works. There are consistent detectable patterns in the way each of us processes our thoughts. “Linguistic” refers to language. We are always communicating through verbal and non-verbal expressions of our thinking patterns. “Programming” refers to the changes that we each can make once we recognize and understand our patterns.

NLP began in the early 1970’s when John Grinder, a linguistics professor and Richard Bandler, a mathematics and psychology student raised the question: “what is the difference that makes the difference between someone who is merely competent and someone who excels at a specific skill?” This led to their...

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In Search of The Healer Within

healing spirituality Jun 29, 2093

Doctoral Dissertation.  Please contact the Center about this publication.

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Unveiling Marked Depression in Adolescents for Parents, Teachers and Adolescent Peers

adolescents depression Jun 20, 2086

Master's Thesis.  Please contact the Center about this publication.

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The Psychology of Ideal Body Image

ideal body image women Nov 01, 2084

Fat oppression doesn’t just affect fat people or fat women. It really works to keep everyone in line. Fear of fat is rampant in our society and is responsible for the current masochistic race toward a slender body image. We are a culture nearly addicted to individual control and the notion seems to exist in our society that fatness means a loss of self-control – which is considered the ultimate moral failure in our culture, and perhaps the most frightening of all fears.

Statement of the Problem

Everyone is born into a culture – a set of shared ideas about the nature of reality, the nature of right and wrong, evaluation of what is good and desirable, and the nature of good and desirable versus the bad and non-desirable. (Richardson, Taylor, 1983)

The definition of desirable, with regard to body image, has spanned rotund to emaciated, with various ideals in-between. And, the methods for achieving the desirable, idealized image of the times have been equally as...

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